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Pathway to Prosperity

A question I’m often asked is how I went from dead flat broke to millionaire in just a few short years.

I answer by explaining some of the real estate and share market strategies I used and some of the entrepreneurial things I did in business... In fact, I wrote three books on the subject.

But I always think to myself that this particular question is not the right question to ask...

A better question is...

“What was I doing with my mind before I started the journey that ended up in financial freedom?”

The answer is so much more important than answers to the first question. When I started out, I knew I was trapped just as much as any other person by my inability to make more money.

I knew I had to break this "inability strangle hold" first before I could go on and become financially free.

So I started off by rebuilding my psychological and emotional foundations from being someone without financial freedom to someone with financial freedom. As it turned out... this process amounted to 11 very specific steps.

The exact 11 steps are described in a program called “Pathway to Prosperity”... which people have been applying to great effect.

They represent the building blocks that allowed me to successfully change my conditioning around money and gain financial independence.

If you're looking for a place to start... or if you're looking to rebuild your money foundations so that you can experience more lucrative results, then start where I started... Pathway To Prosperity.

"The timeliness of the Pathway To Prosperity is no coincidence. The change in mindset, self image, and the journey of an extraordinary life has begun and just when I thought things couldn't accelerate any faster, I found I was deluded."  Heath


The Money Mastery Process

Money Mastery is our premier personalised mentoring program.

It's designed for you if you want to experience more of your true potential... and you want that potential to be expressed in terms of more time... better profits... greater freedom...

It's for you if you seriously want to bring about positive change in either your personal, financial or professional life. The focus of Money Mastery is on the development of new money skills, and the nurturing of new enterprise.

It allows you to experience the sort of self directed freedom that attracts the envy of some and the gratitude of those who share financial success with you.

Money Mastery is unique because, unlike other programs, it provides you with a ‘holistic’ approach to moving forward and achieving transformative financial outcomes.

It’s been described as being “unique” among empowerment programs because it concentrates a combination of Mind Mastery, Self Mastery and Financial Mastery with Lucrative Income Entrepreneurial Mastery.

Together, they merge as one in order to make moving forward happen faster and more successfully.

It’s a program that unfolds over a 12 month period so that you’re not trying to cram important lifelong learning into a few short weeks.

It provides the necessary flexibility to come and go according to your professional and personal schedules.

There are three main components to the support and learning you receive.

The first is a framework of breakthrough content seminars delivered one weekend per month.

The second component involves two residential weekends devoted to networking, planning, creating and socialising in local and international destinations.

The third component is the power and advantage of unlimited one on one mentoring and personalised support from me... Paul Counsel.

All the seminars and workshops are videoed and recorded on mp3 and made available in your membership area.

If you can’t make a particular weekend, no matter, you’ll only miss the live interaction but you won’t miss the content. It gets uploaded to your membership area where you can watch it over and over again at your convenience.

You’ll also be given an extensive file of notes and pdf’s that relate to each seminar.

One of the most important aspects of the Money Mastery program you experience is the mastermind immersion in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Not only did Napoleon Hill recognise this as being critical to your success, neuroscientists are now supporting this important recognition with new research.

By embedding yourself in mastermind reference groups that make it easier for you to change, your results change more rapidly. The power of the “mastermind reference group” to support you is unrivalled.  When you learn in a group, it makes change becomes more real for you.

Belief, which is the “golden rule of change”, is more sustainable and more powerful when you commit to change as part of a mastermind group.

Research indicates that one on one personalised mentoring has the potential to return between 500% and 800% on the costs of mentoring. Imagine that... (Source... David Rock. Results Coaching Systems)

In fact, I was speaking with a graduate this morning who wants to repeat another Money Mastery year this year. His sole reason for doing so is the profitable return he's getting on his mentoring and he wants this to continue over and over again.

Makes sense doesn’t it!

Read a detailed description of Money Mastery by clicking on this link


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